Operating Principle

Particles of 0.3 micron (1 micron = 1/1.000 mm) are passed through a very strong electric power area (the section where they are ionized).

Euromate SFE Series

This device not only offers ingenious solution in small or large scale locations but also provides remarkable features for cleaning....

Euromate CAM

According to reports of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air is...                                           

Economic Use of The Forever Filter

Your device will accumulate smoke, odor and grease into aluminum trays by means of "Forever Filter" system used in Euromate SFE series and you can easily remove, wash your filter and re-insert into the space. By doing so, your system will operate efficiently and you reduce the cost of consumables.

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% 99,99 Odor Control

Odor is an stimulus that is transmitted to our brain after some reactive molecules in the air we breathe stimulates the receptors in the nose. In order to eliminate the unpleasant odors with Odor Neutralization of Odor Control.....                                                                      


Operating Principle of Euromate SFE Series electrostatic filters

Particles of 0.3 micron (1 micron = 1/1.000 mm) are passed through a very strong electric power area (the section where they are ionized). Particles are loaded with positive electric charge in this area. Positively charged particles are passed through a collector surface arrayed in parallel at equal intervals. These surfaces are charged positively and negatively, respectively. While positively charged surfaces repel these particles, negatively charged surfaces attract and collect them.



It stops the release of odor, smoke, soot and grease in the industrial kitchens.

We have concluded a distributor agreement with EUROMATE, a leading Dutch company in the market, to act as the sole distributor of industrial type air cleaning devices within the borders of Turkey. Based on this agreement, we have put industrial type electrostatic air filters on Turkish market with the quality and warranty of EUROMATE.

Thanks to the said devices also known as kitchen hood without shaft, we are radically committed to change conventional kitchen order consisting of kitchen hood, duct, suction fan and shaft. The polluted air in normal kitchens is released into atmosphere without being purified together with the toxic exhaust gases, grease, odor, soot and smoke in its content. This situation disturbs the residents living in the vicinity, increases the cost of maintenance and consumables due to suction fans and filters that are blocked in a very short time and also increases the fire risk due to the accumulated oil and smut in air ducts. Satisfactory and comprehensive solution has not been found yet. For example, dust bags fill up in a short time. Even if closed circuit water system has become partially successful, it also increases the costs and is not able to remove unpleasant odor and toxic chemical wastes in an effective manner.

EUROMATE SFE is positioned between the hood and fan. It charges the toxic chemical exhaust gases, grease, soot, odor and smoke molecules in the air with high voltage electricity in ionization section when it is operated with fan and they sticks onto the collector surfaces in collection plates charged reversely. It is easy to remove the collector filter. It can be washed and easily inserted into its holder after being dried. It is ready to work when device is switched on.



Ventilation duct-mountable electrostatic air cleaning device

According to the reports of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the indoor air is 2 and 5 times dirty than the open air. Indoor air quality (or lack of air quality) has become crucial because of having direct and visible effect on human health. Indoor air is full of invisible and noxious particles such as dust, microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi), pollen, hair and cigarette smoke. Modern buildings are isolated from the external environment in such a way that they do not allow spreading the polluted air into atmosphere .

Pre-filter seizes big particles such as dust, hair or skin rashes. Purified air enters into electrostatic main filter and then small particles of 0,3 (=0,003 mm) stick onto the filter surface. Electrostatic filter collects particles effectively and it has very low resistance to air flow. Optional active carbon filter purifies the air from unpleasant odors. Different alternatives may be chosen depending on the polluting type and environmental effects. Thanks to their open structure CAM filters can be easily mounted to the existing ventilation ducts.