Advantages of Electrostatic Filtration in Industrial Kitchens

Exhaust air discharged to outside atmosphere from industrial kitchens causes lots of problems both for indoor and outdoor areas. Such problems mainly stem from the oil vapor, fume and gases emitted from the cooked products. Kitchen hoods collect the polluted air and the said air is spread into the atmosphere through an air duct designed properly and equipped with a fan.
The seven key advantages of choosing an Euromate Electrostatic Filter as a solution to filter exhaust air are as follows:

1- Minimum Fire Risk :

Greasy and smoky air passing through the kitchen hood adheres to surface of ducts and fan. It considerably increases the fire risk to commercial enterprises. Euromate Electrostatic Filter is capable of filtering the airborne grease and fume particles passing through the ducts with an efficiency level of 99%. This filter prevents grease accumulation on duct surfaces so that Euromate Electrostatic Filter related fire risk is minimized.

2- Minimum Maintenance and Consumables Cost:

Air ducts and fans shall be subject to less grease and fume therefore cost less to maintain and shorten the period of cleaning. Also, it is easy to remove and take out the collection plate of Electrostatic Filter and operator may readily clean it, if necessary.

3- Minimum Environmental Pollution

Another advantage of Euromate Electrostatic Filter is about the environmental pollution. It is able to minimize the emission rates of grease, fume and odor extracted from chimney shafts to outside. Thus, you do not get complaint from the neighbors any more so that your company image will be improved in the long term.

4- Minimum Odor Emission

Euromate Electrostatic Filter also prevents the odors arising from the cooking of food products. Efficiency of odor removal may reach 99% when optional carbon filters and odor control projects are combined and used together with Euromate Electrostatic Filters.

5- Minimum Efficiency Loss

Thanks to the cleaning level of exhaust line and fans up to 99%, the systems equipped with Euromate Electrostatic Filter expose insignificant performance loss.

6- Heat Recovery in Kitchen Exhaust Systems:

Kitchen hoods discharge not only extracted grease, fume and odor but also conditioned air to outside atmosphere. The amount of exhausted air is directly proportional to energy losses. Heat recovery process cannot be conducted efficiently in kitchen exhaust system because recuperator has 2 mm plate spacing and air ducts are easily filled with oil vapor. Thanks to Euromte Electrostatic Filter, the air is purified from the oil vapor at 99% before coming to heat recovery device and recuperator is not blocked, so and therefore considerable amount of exhausted energy may be recovered.


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7- Minimum Energy Consumption:

Energy consumption of electrostatic filter is 50 w / hour.